40 lb Head

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Back in 1996 three brothers Steve, Brian and Jay Egenski and their long time friend from elementary school Mike Zubritski who all had an extreme love for music decided to get together to screw around, something to do on a Friday night in the lab basement. Steve was the only self-proclaimed musician and had just finished a long time stint as the drummer for Tazz, a band he had played with since high school.

They started jamming anything they could, anything that sounded decent. A lot of Beatles tunes & classics, some original ideas. Then, when the song list was a whopping 23 songs, a friend who worked at a corner bar in Wilkes-Barre asked if they wanted to jam there on a Friday night. Everyone's attitude has always been "whatever, ok", so off they went. The plan was to play 23 songs, then repeat. easy enough. With our homemade pa and our 40 lb. testicles, we pulled it off. Sure there was the occasional (every song) technical difficulty, like Steve's guitar chord popping out first song, landing in a hair-pie pile of other chords prompting a holy shit 15 second pause.....but these difficulties can be witnessed regularly at a 40 lb. head show to this day.

Touring many states in the northeast and getting as far south as the Florida Keys , breaking attendance records throughout PA including a estimated crowd of over 10,000 at a few Newtown Rockfest shows, a full time touring schedule, and 3 original CD's later, ten years later we still play our unique set in our own unique way. So if your interested to see what happens when you attempt to cram extreme fun, head thrashing, drinking, smoking, jumping, spitting, yelling, dancing, grinding, and live music into one performance, well..... head on out to see the Head.

  • 40 lb Head
  • at Breakers
  • Friday, October 10th


Guests must be 21 or over and present a valid ID.

Schedules/bands are subject to change.


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