Stephanie Peters, John Iavarone and Scott Bruce

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Stephanie Peters

Comedy diva, Stephanie Peters, grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts, idolizing local funnyman Lenny Clarke and his buddies Jay Leno, Denis Leary and Steven Wright, who honed their stand-up chops at the now-famous Ding Ho.

Stephanie's "larger than life" stage presence and out of the ordinary looks" have also landed her many print ads and TV commercials, other television appearances include Bob Zany's Comedy Spotlight, Access Hollywood with Pauly Shore and the Newport Comedy Festival on FOX.

John Iavarone

John was born in the Bronx and lived there until his mom decided to migrate miles away (2 to be exact) on to the mean streets of Westchester County. Now, John has his headquarters in "The Heights".

John has been doing stand-up comedy for 2,920 days (not in a row).

Whether it's an 8 or 38 minute set at a club, corporate function, private party or fundraiser John's audience describes his hysterically funny set in one word, honest, original, animated! OK, that was one word, but from threee different audiences.

So if you want to hear his take on current events, marriage, children; ask his wife, or even better, come see him live!

Scott Bruce

If you frequent your local comedy club you may have caught stand-up standout Scott Bruce. It’s hard to find a venue that has not taken advantage of his many and varied talents. You may catch him on a cruise ship, at a nightclub in Las Vegas or a Moose Lodge in rural Pennsylvania. The one thing you are guaranteed is a good time and a lot of laughs. His quick wit, ad-libbing ability and natural timing make not just a great comic, but also one of the most sought after MC’s working today.

  • Stephanie Peters, John Iavarone and Scott Bruce
  • at Wise Crackers Comedy Club
  • Sunday, July 27th
  • Daily until 07/26/14
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