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DJ Hersh came up in some of the hottest nightspots in Wilkes-Barre. He got his first taste of DJing in high school making mix-tapes for classmates who always anticipated them on a monthly basis. Over the past 10 years, Hersh gained a reputation as a no-nonsense DJ who was always on time. As his skills progressed, he stepped out of the shadows of his mentors and gained respect in the local music scene. Graduating from opening sets to a full-fledged weekly headline DJ, his progress has been noted by the escalation of his residencies throughout the years. Now, Hersh is getting a start in Hip-Hop and gaining momentum as a great all-around open format DJ.

Hersh has become one of the most respected DJ’s not only among fellow DJ’s, but by the area’s premier musical talents. He has performed alongside many bands as well as being 1/3 of the band “Clever Gents.” Hersh has opened for national artists like Wu-Tang Clan, Asher Roth, Sean Falyon, DJ Logic and DJ Excel, among others and also founded the BeatTeks, a DJ crew made up of the area’s best local DJ talent. Most recently, he was secured as the official DJ of the Nightlife publication The Weekender.

  • DJ Hersh
  • at Bar Louie
  • Wednesday, November 18th

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