Jigsaw Johnny

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Most successful endeavors are built upon a solid foundation. Should that adage be true, "Jigsaw Johnny" is akin to granite.

Risen from the rubble of NEPA stalwarts "Jugdish," "Jigsaw Johnny" boasts the stone-cold killer core of Lenny Mecca (bass/vocals), Gary Samony (drums) and Joe "Wiggy" Wegleski (guitar). Each of the trio can brag of years of experience, schooling and live performance with a vast myriad of bands in every genre and scene. Suffices to say that after nearly 20 years together, they are tight and not the type to brag.

Concreting the line-up is the addition of Jackson Vee (vocals/guitar/ keys) and Lindsay Nulton (vocals/guitar). Jackson has enjoyed regional success with some of his original works and has performed with a wide variety of bands and styles over the past decade. The University of Arts (Philadelphia) graduate, Lindsay, has felt the pulse of music flowing in her veins from an early age and her mastery of several instruments (drums/keys/violin) show just how deeply it runs.

Armed with a sonic arsenal comprised of all genres from Rock to Funk, Classic to Crunk, Jigsaw Johnny offers you one sure thing: a good time. After all, it may only be Rock n Roll, but we know you'll like it.

  • Jigsaw Johnny
  • at Bar Louie
  • Saturday, April 30th


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