Battle of the Bands at Breakers

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Battle of the Bands at Breakers is the place to be on Wednesday nights! Come cheer on the winning talent each week through May 21st.

Bands will compete for cash prizes, with one lucky band taking home $10,000 and an opportunity to open for a national act!

Semi-Finals held on May 7th and May 14th.  The final round will be held May 21st.

May 21st Finals Band Lineup


  1. The Tommy Guns Band
  2. Wreckless Marci
  3. Nowhere Slow
  4. Iron Cowboy
Nowhere Slow

May 14th Semi-Finals Band Lineup


  1. Nowhere Slow
  2. Ostrich Hat
  3. Replicants
  4. Social Call
  5. Iron Cowboy
Nowhere Slow

May 7th Semi-Finals Band Lineup


  1. Kartune
  2. The Tommy Guns Band
  3. Wreckless Marci
  4. Gone Crazy
  5. Grace's Downfall

The Tommy Guns Band

February 26th Band Lineup


  1. Kartune
  2. Sidetracked
  3. The Jerks
  4. Destination West

March 5th Band Lineup


  1. Mr Echo
  2. Zayre Mountain
  3. The Tommy Guns Band
  4. Damn Decent Fellows
The Tommy Guns Band

March 12th Band Lineup


  1. Big Things
  2. Wreckless Marci
  3. Stealing Neil
  4. Omnitial
Wreckless Marci

March 19th Band Lineup


  1. That 90's Band
  2. The Fallen
  3. Ostrich Hat
  4. The Steiner Brothers
Ostrich Hat

March 26th Band Lineup


  1. Nowhere Slow
  2. Dear Anna
  3. Eighteenth Hour
  4. Semi Orginials
No Where Slow

April 2nd Band Lineup


  1. Ghost County
  2. Jigsaw Johnny
  3. Gone Crazy
  4. Rated R
Gone Crazy

April 9th Band Lineup


  1. Dark Matters
  2. Nite Flyte
  3. Social Call
  4. Gas Station Disco
Social Call

April 16th Band Lineup


  1. Nova City
  2. Kill Scheme
  3. Replicants
  4. Whiskeyhickon Boys

April 23rd Band Lineup


  1. Grace's Downfall
  2. Wonder Chunk
  3. Best U Get
  4. Sonic Supper
Grace's Downfall

April 30th Band Lineup


  1. Hoosier Daddy
  2. Rudie
  3. Iron Cowboy
  4. Big Carl and the Sundance
Iron Cowboy

  • Battle of the Bands
  • at Breakers
  • Wednesday, November 26th
  • Weekly until 05/21/14


Guests must be 21 or over and present a valid ID.

Schedules/bands are subject to change.

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