Stealing Neil

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On the regional scene for nearly a decade, Stealing Neil has cultivated a devoted and ever-growing following these last few years thanks to the diverse talents of the band's current lineup - lead singer and guitarist RJ Scouton, lead guitarist Jared Scavone, rhythm guitarist Pauly Young, drummer Tony Scavone and bassist/vocalist Bruce Christian.

The band's set list is wide-ranging, thanks to the members' eclectic tastes. Mr. Scouton has his Grunge influences but also an extensive knowledge of Country music. The Scavones love classic Hard Rock acts like AC/DC, Led Zeppelin and Bad Company. Mr. Christian is a hair metal aficionado. And Mr. Young is "a human jukebox who can play anything," Mr. Scouton said.

  • Stealing Neil
  • at Breakers
  • Friday, July 22nd


Guests must be 21 or over and present a valid ID.

Schedules/bands are subject to change.


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