Kevin Downey Jr., Shawn Banks and Scott Bruce

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Doors open at 8:00pm.

Kevin Downey Jr.

Kevin Downey, Jr. is a comedian in New York City. He works the Tropicana in Las Vegas several times per year and the best clubs around the country. You can hear him on The Bob & Tom Show, Sirius Satellite Radio and XM Satellite Radio. You can see him on Comedy Express TV in January 2007. You've seen him on Queer Eye For the Straight Guy and Comedy Central. Kevin is edgy, unique and unlike most comedians you see no props, no guitar and yet somehow funny anyway.

Shawn Banks

At 6’3” and 300 pounds, this ex-college football player turned comedian literally “takes” the stage. Shawn Banks is best known for his smooth observations, his quick wit and awesome impressions. Shawn was recently chosen as a winner on Comedy Central's latest comedy competition that began with over 8,000 contestants.

Scott Bruce

The one thing audiences are guaranteed with Scott Bruce is a good time and a lot of laughs. His quick wit, ad-libbing ability and natural timing make not just a great comic, but also one of the most sought-after MCs working today.

  • Kevin Downey Jr., Shawn Banks and Scott Bruce
  • at Wise Crackers Comedy Club
  • Sunday, August 7th
  • Daily until 08/06/16
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